11G administration is complete and processing of film has started

Yay!!!  It’s always nice to be done with the admin work of a cycle and start seeing new vintage pictures again.  Disc film processing is complete and scanning has begun of those films. About half of the still film has been developed and is wound into holders that relax the curl on the film that makes them difficult to scan.  We are hoping that the on-line preview invitations for the still film will start going out around next weekend or early the following week but it is still difficult to predict for sure.  As to the movie film work…That will start after all of the on-line still film previews are done.  The still film is always done first to give those clients time to put in an on-line order before we start mailing all of the work back at the end of our cycle.

Price increases coming soon. To remain on current prices you need to print the current order form now and include it with your order. These order forms & prices will be honored if postmarked by April 30, 2020.