We are the revealers of lost and found treasurers.  Since 1999.

We have very exciting work. We essentially open time capsules for a living. Twenty, thirty, even 80+ years ago, someone took the time to get out their camera and take some pictures or shot a movie. Someone else may have stood to pose or just gone about their normal routine. We get to open the doors to the past and be the first to look inside. It’s very special work and we are privileged to be doing it.

Film Rescue International’s true inception was in 1983. At that time, Greg Miller was running a small motion picture laboratory in Toronto. People with old still film began contacting him because they realized that he still had the chemical needed to develop their film. The old still film process was similar to the current (at the time) motion picture film process and he had experience in processing both types of film. He continued to operate the motion picture lab and also to process vintage and expired film as a sideline up until 1999 when he made the decision to sell his share in the motion picture lab and pursue the processing of old film full time. It was an easy decision to leave the stresses of daily motion picture rushes to pursue what was and is the very interesting job of opening lost and found time capsules…the processing of old and expired film.

We have grown into a prosperous business based in a small town in Saskatchewan, Canada plus a partner lab in The Netherlands and a depot in Westby, MT (USA). We focus almost exclusively on offering the most difficult to find imaging services in the world. Everyone here has input, and new ideas are regularly discussed and put into action. Our approach is constantly evolving to produce better results and to find ways for us to remain sustainable while maintaining a premium service for our clients that is unmatched in the industry. This approach is multifaceted. Not only do we have to take into consideration the melding of old and new technologies to produce the best possible images, we also must stay up to date with how we present and provide content. This must be done in a way that is both practical and desirable for both the client and us.

We’re a modern business with modern ideas on technology, management and employee relations while at the same time providing personalized traditional customer service.  We are proud of this business, the people we have working with us, the quality of the work that we do and our ever-expanding list of clientele.  We hope to work with you!


Some Past Clients

  • Smithsonian Institute
  • California Historical Society
  • Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD)
  • FBI (Consultant)
  • Jewish Holocaust Museum
  • Lyndon B. Johnston Library
  • Getty Museum (Consultant)
  • Alaska Coroner’s Office
  • RCMP

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