Disc Film Scanning

We are scanning disc film using a Creo iQsmart 3 museum grade scanner. With some confidence, we can say there is no other provider that can approach this level of quality with a disc film scan. Please note: to use this scanner we must remove the central hub of the disc. The hub at this point serves virtually no practical purpose.

Your Negatives will be:

  • Manually cleaned — We don’t use “Digital Ice” dust removal hardware.  Dust removal is done manually to eliminate the artifacting that can be created by the Digital Ice technology when scanning such small images.
  • Scanned at 5500 DPI — Enough resolution to capture all the detail in the small negative.
  • Each image is cropped by eye precisely to the edge of each image revealing about 15 percent more of each picture than the original prints made from the negative (See the sample image below).
  • Each frame is opened in Photoshop CC™ and adjusted for, brightness, contrast and color. Photoshop CC™ us the professional standard for uncompromised image correction.
  • Includes both Jpeg and Tiff files


The red line that you see in this sample photo, indicates the approximate amount of cropping that would have been done to your pictures when the original prints were made from your disc film. At Film Rescue we do our crops by eye precisely to the edges of the frame. This reveals more of the original picture and means that the grain is reduced because it is then essentially a larger negative.

Note about printing: Our prints are offered as a convenience. High quality prints can be provided by a reputable local supplier once you have the scans back from us, at a lower cost to you. Our prints are a vintage style print with wide quarter inch borders on glossy paper.


Prices and billing are in US dollars with one exception: Film Rescue Europe orders are billed in Euros**
When applicable, VAT, GST and/or PST  will be added to European and Canadian orders.
Minimum charge may be billed before processing, especially on orders with multiple films to process.
**Film Rescue Europe orders must be sent to and returned through the Netherlands location.

CD-R Only Prices
1 to 2 discs, per disc $ 30.00 
3 to 10 discs, per disc $ 25.00 
11 to 20 discs, per disc $ 22.50
21 or more, per disc $ 20.00  


CD-R Plus Prints Prices
1 to 2 discs, per disc $ 35.00 
6 to 10 discs, per disc $ 30.00
11 to 20 discs, per disc $ 27.50  
21 or more, per disc $ 25.00

Return Shipping and Handling and/or File Upload

Within USA and Canada $12.00*
Film Rescue Europe link
All others Contact Us
 File Upload  $5.00/per 5gb

* Shipping charges may be higher for exceptionally heavy, large, or fragile orders.


Turn Around Time

Work is in house from 2 to 6 weeks depending on our workload. You may request we attempt to be on the shorter end of that.