Thanks so much! That roll sat in a box for close to 50 years, so I’m amazed that you were able to get anything at all. What a very pleasant surprise. Bradley – Atlanta GA

I have received the prints you rescued and they are more than I had hoped for. Thank you immensely for salvaging prints that were not only of my late mother, but also of my late father as well.

These pictures were taken at my sister’s wedding back in 1980—-31 years ago!  I just know that my sister will be thrilled to get them.

Thanks again to all of you for the small miracle you worked in retrieving these images of loved ones from long ago.  I shall always remember you and recommend your service to my friends. Kathryn W. – Jacksonville, TX

Thank you for the wonderful job you did developing the 30 year old film I sent you.  What memories! It was a total of 5 rolls which I put in an album for the family to look at on Thanksgiving.  The shots were of my parents and me and my two sisters. Everyone was thrilled to see them. They thanked me for taking care of it and putting them in an album, but I wanted to thank you for doing what it seems no one else can do these days.  Joyce H.

This is Jimmy J. (edit) Jr. from Philadelphia, PA.  I just received my disk film photos today and wanted to tell you I think you guys did an AMAZING job.  Thanks a lot for your quality work.

Received my pictures today.  I do appreciate your solving my mystery in what was on the film.  Thanks – Allie

Thank you for your excellent service. Rita

I recently sent a disc film to be developed. Although (edit) there were no images on the film, I certainly appreciate the attempt to develop the disc and at no cost to me. This is superb customer service.  In the future if I need your services, I definitely will contact you. I also will recommend your firm to anyone needing such services.  Once again, Thank You. Anne – Bristol, CT

A huge “Thank You” for a job very well done.  You have put the icing on the cake for my sister’s 60th birthday in Ottawa.  Long may your business prosper.  Mille – Ottawa, Ontario

We are very pleased that you developed the prints (possible) of that old roll of film.  It must of been around 30 years old.

My sister was very pleased that the best print was of her & her husband (he died 6-24-02 of cancer) and in the picture is a station-wagon she learned to drive in.(edit)

Thanks to everyone there. We had tried many places. No one else could do it. Hope H

Your results were REMARKABLE for movie film that old.  The images were much clearer than I was expecting.  If you need any testimonials, call me. David – Northfield, OH

I just Received the 4 rolls of Super-8 Ektachrome 160 film that I sent for processing – and I’m EXTREMELY happy with the results!  Thank you for the wonderful job.  Robert H.

I wanted to thank Film Rescue for developing and processing a film taken over 50 years ago.  The exposed roll was discovered in an old family camera given to me this year. Images included shots of my father in law at the age of +/- 5 and shots of my wife’s grandmother in her early 30’s (currently doing well in her 80s).  These will make an unbelievable Christmas present and will be displayed as a subject of conversation for years to come.  Unbelievable! Thanks again. Robert – Toronto, Ontario

We received the completed order for processing of our old disc film today.  What a thrill it was to sit and look at the long-lost photos of our kids, family and friends. We are grateful that you were able to retrieve these memories for us!

I have just received the prints you developed. I think you all did a wonderful job on them.  That roll must have been in the camera for 40 years.  What a fun discovery. Art

I just wanted to say “thank you” for developing the roll of film I recently sent; even though the film was too old to actually be able to make prints, at least now I know.  And, thank you for so generously doing this for FREE and returning my check.  I appreciate your kindness.  Thanks again for your service. Elva Jo – Louisiana

Thank you for doing such a great job on these pictures.  They were some pictures that I took some 40 years ago when I was graduating from high school @ the spring of 1966.

I just wanted to thank you for the fine work you did in transferring my father’s 8mm home movies to DVD.  He was overjoyed that he could relive those memories from over 30 years ago. These movies were very special to me because they gave me the opportunity to see and hear my grandfather who died just after I was born.  I will eagerly recommend International Film Rescue to my friends and family. Dennis V.

I can’t thank you enough for your assistance in discovering these little gems of family history that might have been lost forever without your help. Gregory – Brentwood, TN

I just wanted to take the time to do what too many of us never do – I want to thank you. I want to thank you not only for the purpose your business serves, but for the obvious car with which you go about doing what you do.

In February I discovered film in a camera that had belonged to my father. Not having any idea how long the film had been in his camera I took it too a friend of mine who works at a one-hour photo lab. She did a bit of research and came up with your phone number, and after speaking with a very friendly woman at your company, I sent the roll of film off with my best wishes, but very little hope. I had been told by the folks at the one-hour photo lab (edit), that the odds of recovering anything from what was most likely 30 year old film were slim to none, but your money-back guarantee reassured me enough to give it a shot – although, in honesty, I think I would have tried it regardless. You see, I had come into possession of this camera of my father’s when he passed away in 2000. Since neither my mother nor I had any idea what was on the film, if anything, I could only hope that it might somehow relate to my father. You can imagine my joy and gratitude when I received the disk and the negatives on Friday. Not only were you able to recover three precious photos, but one of them – the clearest one, incidentally – is my father and me, when I was 11 months old. (For reference, I celebrated my 32nd birthday this past February).  It is one of the best photos of the two of us that I have ever seen. You have given my family something more precious than you can know. Thank You. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Dana – Bellbrook, Ohio

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