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Film Rescue International focuses almost exclusively on offering very difficult to find imaging services.  This primarily is the processing of old and expired film. We have a few other ancillary services such as movie film scanning to digital video and photographic film scanning. We offer these because having the gear and knowledge for this is a necessary component to our old film processing service. We avoid services that are available elsewhere or that others do better.  In our Related Links page, we offer a long list of various service and sales providers;some are competitors but all we feel comfortable in offering to you as an alternative and may be a better option for your needs and budget.  If you can’t find what you need there contact us and we’ll try to help you find what you need.

About the picture…this is where most of us work.  Though this picture was taken over 100 years ago the building looks pretty much the same today.

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Why choose us?

Choose us because we have a great deal of confidence that what we are doing we are doing well and properly. It's really hard to say unequivocally that what you do is the best, but I feel that once you shop around and consider the options we will likely have you as a client.

Greg Miller