The advantage of this service is primarily simplicity. If you don’t understand online ordering, don’t want to be bothered with online ordering and galleries or don’t want to pay with credit card or Paypal this might be a good option for you.  Your film will be processed in the same manner as with our Standard Comprehensive Gallery Service.  Once processed, it is scanned and then each picture refined to produce the best possible result. All images are then copied to CD or printed and sent back to you. As with all of our still film developing services the no image no charge guarantee will still apply.


  • Simplicity – You just send us the film and we will do the rest.
  • Possible to pay by check – Unlike with our Standard Comprehensive Gallery Service it is easy to calculate a likely end price so payment by cheque is possible.
  • Price – In cases where you will want every single exposure on your film the end price can be a little lower than with our Standard Comprehensive Gallery Service.


  • No online preview – It will take longer before you see the results.
  • No online shopping cart of (and the ability to choose) your pictures – Clients opting for our Standard Comprehensive Gallery Service get to see their pictures two or three weeks before we actually send them back.
  • No option for a final additional hands on fix-up of your desired pictures – It is by having an on-line shopping cart of your images that we know which pictures you want so we can spend some extra time refining.
  • Price – If you end up not ordering most of your pictures the end cost of the Standard Comprehensive Gallery Service will be less than our Simple Service.

What is considered a recognizable image?

Price policy

Prices and billing are in US dollars with one exception: Film Rescue Europe orders are billed in Euros**
When applicable, VAT, GST and/or PST  will be added to European and Canadian orders.
**Film Rescue Europe orders must be sent to and returned through the Netherlands location.


15 exposure roll or less $34.00
Film on spool* OR 20 to 27 exposure rolls $48.00
36 exposure rolls $61.00
Disc Film $34.00
Any film with fewer than 4 recognizable images $26.00
No recognizable images No charge
*Oddball price exceptions – These are rare formats that we need to process by inspection with infrared goggles in trays by hand which is labor intensive.

Any film greater than 70mm in width (e.g. 122, 124, 130 format film):  58.00 if there’s more than 3 recognizable pictures, 38.00 if there’s 3 or less recognizable pictures, 20.00 if blank.

Film Acceleration (making your film color) – optional – add $ 10.00

With color film other than Kodachrome,  we can do an additional chemical process that creates a color version of your negatives (already safely processed into B&W negative).


Return Shipping and Handling

Within USA and Canada $12.00*
Film Rescue Europe link
All others Contact Us

*Shipping charges may be higher for exceptionally heavy, large, or fragile orders.