Still Film Scanning

We offer top quality high resolution film scans at very affordable prices. Unique to our service is that you can deal directly with the technician who will be working on your order.  Sample scans can be provided before proceeding with large orders and specific instructions can be communicated on how you’d like your images organized.

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Price policy

Prices and billing are in US dollars with one exception: Film Rescue Europe orders are billed in Euros**
When applicable, VAT, GST and/or PST  will be added to European and Canadian orders.
Minimum charge may be billed before processing, especially on orders with multiple films to process.
**Film Rescue Europe orders must be sent to and returned through the Netherlands location.

Volume discounts may be possible on large orders (over 300 images) of 35mm negatives & APS film, depending on the service requested. Please inquire about this.

We can work closely with you by phone or email, before you send your order,  to provide you with an estimate.

Minimum charge per order:  $20.00 plus return s/h and tax (if applicable).

35mm, 110, 126 & APS Negatives &  35mm Slides + Prints under 5X7
Straight scans $0.66  each
Scans with Photoshop™ $0.91  each
Add a traditional style snapshot print to scan service. $0.40 each
Unperforated and odd sized  negatives or slides
Straight scans $1.05  each
Scans with Photoshop™ $1.30  each
Add a traditional style snapshot print to scan service. $0.40  each
4X5 to 8X10 negatives and transparencies
Straight scans $2.50 each
Scans with Photoshop™ $4.50  each
Add a traditional style snapshot print to scan service. $0.40 each
Glass plate negatives up to 8X10
Straight scans N/A
Scans with Photoshop™ $5.50  each
Add a traditional style snapshot print to scan service. $0.40 each
View Master single frame
Straight scans N/A
Scans with Photoshop™ $2.50 each
Add a traditional style snapshot print to scan service. $0.40 each

Return Shipping and Handling

Within USA and Canada $12.00*
Film Rescue Europe link
All others Contact Us

* Shipping charges may be higher for exceptionally heavy, large, or fragile orders.


Straight Scans

Our scanner allows us basic color and brightness corrections for which each frame is personally attended to.  Negatives, slides and prints in good condition that are well exposed will need little more help than what the scanner offers while faded, underexposed and overexposed images will benefit from our “scan with Photoshop” service.

Scans with Photoshop™

Once the straight scan is completed images are brought into Photoshop™ for final color, brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness correction. While perhaps not necessary with good quality negatives, slides and prints, Photoshop™ is the premier software for proper image editing and most images will be improved at least a small amount.  Faded film and prints will be restored again to vibrant images and extremely poor film improved very significantly beyond what is possible with a strait scan.  For those with knowledge of Photoshop™ or other image editing software, you may consider doing this step yourself and opt for our strait scans.

TIFF or PSD File Formats

Add 40% for TIFF or PSD files (16 bit per channel). Please specify clipped or unclipped. Clipped files are adjusted for brightness, color and contrast. Unclipped files are adjusted (when applicable) for color only. Clipped files will look better but some info is lost. Unclipped files look low contrast and are ready for editing…all the info is there, it’s up to you to bring it out the way you want it.

Archival sleeving – $0.25  per piece of film. Film will be returned in the same packaging it arrives unless archival sleeving is requested.


On the left are what we obtained straight out of the scanner using the scanner’s features for correcting color (when applicable) and brightness. Scanners have either no option for contrast correction or limited options for contrast correction.  On the right are the images after Photoshopping –  making adjustment for brightness, contrast, color (when applicable), saturation and sharpness (although the increased sharpness can’t be seen well at this size).  Some images are fairly good without any Photoshopping and others the difference is fairly clear.  With either service you’ll be getting a top quality scan.  The straight scan is more affordable and lends itself better to future photo editing. An image for photo editing is often lower contrast so as to maintain room to edit highlight and shadow detail properly. In some cases the image will be darker than those that have been Photoshopped.  The Photoshopped scan gets you near to as good as you’ll get from your film.

composite 2

Turn Around Time

Work is done in regular 10-12 week cycles. Film for scanning for the next cycle must be in our hands by the cutoff date. The next cycle cutoff date is

    Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017

    Please don’t wait until near the beginning of a cycle to send your film.  This slows down the administrative work at the start of each cycle, delaying work for everyone.


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