Still Film Scanning

Film Rescue now offers top quality high resolution film scans at very affordable prices

We’ve looked at film scanning services offered  by others and feel there is a place in the market for a company that provides personalized customer care along with high quality, competitively priced scans.  Our new film scanner is a FUJI SP 3000 professional commercial scanner – the last and most sophisticated of its kind manufactured.  It gives us a very high quality scan very quickly, allowing us to offer very competitive prices.  Also unique to our service is that you can deal directly with the technician who will be working on your order.  Sample scans can be provided before proceeding with large orders and specific instructions can be communicated on how you’d like your images organized.

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Negatives, Slides and Prints

Straight scans

.66   each

Scans with Photoshop

.91   each

Add a traditional style snapshot print to scan service.

.40   each

Exception 1.
Reduced resolution 1800 DPI Budget Scans for APS and 35mm strips – very good condition only. Strips only – no selected frames. No odd sizes. Vertical images not rotated.  
Exception 2.
negatives larger than 62mm on short dimension of film, prints larger than 5×7, single frame cut 126 and 110 (don’t cut these!)  
Exception 3.
Glass plate negatives, View-master (per frame), 48 bit scans  
 Straight scan    .29 each Straight scan – NA Straight scan – NA
 Scan with Photoshop    .54 each Scan with Photoshop    1.50 each Scan with Photoshop   2.50 each
Straight scans - Our scanner allows us basic color and brightness corrections for which each frame is personally attended to.  Negatives, slides and prints in good condition that are well exposed will need little more help than what the scanner offers while faded, underexposed and overexposed images will benefit from our “scan with Photoshop” service. 
Scans with Photoshop™ - Once the straight scan is completed images are brought into Photoshop for final color, brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness correction. While perhaps not necessary with good quality negatives, slides and prints, Photoshop™ is the premier software for proper image editing and most images will be improved at least a small amount.  Faded film and prints will be restored again to vibrant images and extremely poor film improved very significantly beyond what is possible with a strait scan.  For those with knowledge of Photoshop or other image editing software, you may consider doing this step yourself and opt for our strait scans.
Add 20% for TIFF, BMP or PSD files
Archival sleeving – .25 per piece of film
Film will be returned in the same packaging it arrives unless archival sleeving is requested.


Services after order return

Because we keep full resolution low compression copies of all of your pictures archived at Film Rescue we can offer these services once you have the order back in your hands.  Simply provide us with the original folder the images are in along with the original file number we added to the pictures. We would then do the work requested and send the images to you.
Photoshop - In a client’s order there can often be good and poor quality images – some that scan very well straight from the scanner and others that would benefit from being worked on in Photoshop.
 .65 per image + S&H
Printing - Often enough we’ve heard the complaint from clients that their local printing provider is unable to properly print images that are square or not the same aspect ratio as 4×6 paper.  The prints they receive back are either stretched, compressed or cut off in order to accommodate the standard 4×6 paper most printing services use.  If you are unable to get what you want from your local provider we can do prints onto paper of various sizes that will properly fit the size of your pictures with absolutely no cut off, stretching or compressing.  We understand that there can be details in the backgrounds of pictures that upon first glance may appear unimportant but are in fact a topic of family conversation.  Our prints are designed to emulate the prints that photo finishers wer making in the 1930s through to 1950s, on glossy paper with wide boarders.  Also, if your images are B&W our prints are of exceptional quality because they are done with true black pigment which is not used at most photo finishers.

.65 for the first of an image / .40 for additionals of the same image + S&H

Restoration - Within the basic prices there is a certain amount of restoration included.  With straight scans digital dust and scratch removal is performed on color images and on B&W the negatives are physically cleaned.  With scans with Photoshop some hands on spotting and fixing of dust and scratches not removed by the former steps is added when necessary.  But if you have images that are exceptionally important and/or exceptionally distressed you can request that we spend some real time with the image or images fixing them up.
upon request – prices will vary depending on amount of work
Below are some of my own (Greg) family’s 127 Ektachrome slides from the 1960s.  Considering they’re Ektachromes they have stood up very well.  I think this is because mom had all of her photo finishing done by Kodak.  It is becoming apparent at this point that who processed your film made a world of difference.  On the left are what we obtained straight out of the scanner using the scanners features for correcting color.  On the right are the images after Photoshopping –  making adjustment for brightness, contrast, color, saturation and sharpness (although the increased sharpness can’t be seen well at this size).  Some images are fairly good without any Photoshopping and others the difference is fairly clear.  With either service you’ll be getting a top quality scan.  The straight scan is more affordable and lends itself better to future photo editing.  The Photoshopped scan gets you near to as good as you’ll get from your film.

Disc Film Scanning

Doing disc film scanning has proved to be something of a challenge due to the fact the images on a disc are in a circle and no commercial scanner for these was ever developed.  These are scanned on an Epson V750 using a laser cut custom carrier that we had built for this purpose.  For this reason, we have included it under its own heading.  It’s something we’ve been doing a long time and have a lot of experience with.  The hands on nature of this work is reflected in the prices.
We provide you with large high quality files of a quality that was not possible with the technology during the years of disc film production. We do not use vintage disc film printers.
Your Negatives will be…
  • Manually cleaned — We don’t use “Digital Ice” dust removal software even though our scanners are equipped with it. Dust removal is done manually to eliminate the artifacting that can be created by the Digital Ice technology when scanning such small images.
  • Scanned at 3200 DPI — Enough resolution to capture all the detail in the small negative.
  • Cropped by eye precisely to the edge of each image revealing about 15 percent more of each picture than the original prints made from the negative (See the sample image below).
  • Scaled to create a file that is 8×10 at 300 DPI so there is no pixelation on blow-ups well beyond the size the tiny negatives were intended for.
  • Manually color corrected.
  • Noise reduced to eliminate some of the grain that is apparent due to the tiny negative.
  • Sharpened to give as crisp an image as possible from the tiny negative.
The red line that you see in this sample photo, indicates the approximate amount of cropping that would have been done to your pictures when the original prints were made from your disc film. At Film Rescue we do our crops by eye precisely to the edges of the frame. This reveals more of the original picture and means that the grain is reduced because it is then essentially a larger negative.
Note about printing: Our prints are offered as a convenience. High quality prints can be provided by a reputable local supplier once you have the scans back from us, at a lower cost to you. Our prints are a vintage style print with wide quater inch borders on glossy paper.
Prices are in US dollars for US orders, Euros for European orders and Canadian dollars for all others.
When applicable, VAT, GST and/or PST  will apply appropriately to European and Canadian orders.  Sorry -These taxes can not be avoided by sending outside of your jurisdiction.
CD-R Only
1 to 5 discs, per disc                                                                                
6 to 10 discs, per disc
11 to 20 discs, per disc
21 or more, per disc
CD-R Plus Prints
1 to 5 discs, per disc                                                                                
6 to 10 discs, per disc
11 to 20 discs, per disc
21 or more, per disc
Return Shipping & Handling within USA                                                                                    
10.00 / Order
Return Shipping & Handling in Canada and all other locations
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Shipping charges may be higher for exceptionally heavy or large orders, customer will be contacted beforehand.
Turn Around Time
Work is done in regular 8-10 week cycles. Film for scanning for the next cycle must be in our hands by the cutoff date. The next cycle cutoff date is:

February 11, 2015

Please don’t wait until near the beginning of a cycle to send your film.  This slows down our administrative process at the start of each cycle delaying work for everyone.