What can I expect from the images I can download directly from my gallery within the “step 1” price

We give you enough resolution to do a snapshot sized print and if the film is in good shape, your print will look good too. These images are more highly compressed and have a much smaller pixel dimension than what you will receive if you order an image from the cart (optional step 2) for 99 cents. If you have important images, we do recommend you add them to the cart to get the higher quality version of the picture. Though not always a night and day difference, with less compression and more resolution the image will certainly look better if you’re viewing it full screen on your computer or doing any print larger than 4 x 6. Our idea is that this works as a sort of insurance policy for people that either don’t know what is on their film or the condition of the film. Clients with pictures that are important to them might pay more than clients with pictures that aren’t.