What can I expect from the images I can download directly from my gallery within the “step 1” price?

When you hit the “download” button that you’ll see beside each image in your gallery, that image will download to wherever you have your computer set up to save downloads. If your picture is in good shape, that file will have enough resolution for you to make a quality snapshot sized print – whether that be at an online photo finisher, a local provider or on your own photo quality printer. If you see images in your gallery that you’d like a much higher resolution version of, you can add that image to the cart for .99 USD (or Euros for FRI Europe). Those can be delivered online or physically shipped. Keep in mind, with very distressed images or pictures from small negatives, the extra resolution may make little difference in overall quality. For most people, the snapshot sized images are enough but if you see something important, getting the high resolution images is a good idea.