Stabilized Negatives

Kodakcolor-Negatives Non-Kodakcolor-Negatives
These Kodakcolor negatives were processed in the 1970s by the Kodak Company. We believe because Kodak was using a proper stabilizer, the negatives have stood up quite well over time. They are a nice warm orange color in the highlights and a deep tawny brown color in the dark areas of the film.

Negatives in this condition will scan much better and are less likely to need Photoshop editing than the pictures on the right.

This is the exact same brand of film from the same client and of the same time period as the film pictured on the left. We believe that the less reputable photo finishers were simply skipping the stabilizer step at the end of the process, leaving the negatives to fade much more quickly over time.

Negatives that have faded to this purple color will benefit greatly from color correction in Photoshop.