The deadline for our next processing cycle is <h2><span style="color: #e8643c;">Wednesday, March 18th, 2020</span></h2> We must receive your film by that date for inclusion on the cycle.

Please do not wait to send your films until just before the cycle start date. Having orders in early allows us to prepare for the cycle early and begin processing sooner.

Our goal is to have your order completed approximately 10 weeks after the cycle start date. This is not a guarantee but a target.

Our Process

Due to the nature of our business, we develop many film brands, types, formats and processes so we can’t operate in the same fashion as a conventional photo finisher that runs only one or two processes and deals with a much higher volume of film. We run 12 separate processes and it is necessary for us to work over a several-week time cycle. Here’s some information about what is involved.

At the beginning of a cycle we sort through customer packages, enter information in our database and sort all the film types. If necessary, customers are contacted for payment details or clarification of instructions. If we do not get the information required by the time we start processing,  those orders may be put on hold until the following cycle.

It may be two weeks into a cycle before we are ready to start the first processing. We mix enough fresh chemical for the number of films for each specific process. Once one type of process is complete, that chemical is discarded and we move on to the next type of film. We do not repeat any process within a cycle. We run 12 different processes and handle hundreds of films, so this part of the cycle may take 2-4 weeks. Once everything is developed, films are inspected. Films to be accelerated into color are reprocessed and then reinspected for image. At this point films are scanned, digital fix up gets done and image galleries are created. Meanwhile, motion film is prepped, processed and then inspected for image. As motion films are digitally transferred, some may be deemed to have no discernible image (visual inspection is not always conclusive).

As orders are completed, we bill and prepare them for shipping. It is usually at least 8 weeks from the beginning of the cycle before we reach this stage.

We have tried to shorten the turnaround times but we want to ensure that things are done properly and without errors. Since we began this business in 1999, after tens of thousands of films handled, there has not been a single order lost in house. Please trust that we are treating your order with care.

Rush orders can be done upon request, but are not encouraged because it forces us outside of our regular workflow.

Still film rush is 200.00  on top of all other charges.

Motion Picture film rush is 600.00  on top of all other charges.

Price increases coming soon. To remain on current prices you need to print the current order form now and include it with your order. These order forms & prices will be honored if postmarked by April 30, 2020.