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Over our many years in business we have become experts in hard to find imaging services.  This is a list of many of our friends and also some companies that offer difficult to find services but we can’t specifically vouch for.  We will have at least made contact with them so that we are comfortable to the point that we have listed them here.  If you have suggestions for the list or if you have a specific experience good or bad with one of these companies, we would like to here from you.  Eventually, we would like this to be the go to place when looking for hard to find imaging services.

Photo Conservationist (physical restoration of photographs)

Photo Retouching and Restoration

Vintage Film Format Sales

Film History

Top End Small Format Film Transfers

Advanced Age Tests for Digital Print Media

Others Processing Vintage Film and Hard to Find Film Services (Scala)

Vintage Video Conversions

Vintage Audio Tape Conversion

Video Tape Repair

Odd Size Film Processing



Large Format Printing

Movie Film Supplies

Projector Bulbs

Movie Film Equipment Sales

3D services and Lenticular Printing

Photo Chemicals

Film Restoration

More Photo Restoration (Los Angeles) (North Carolina) (Los Angeles) (United Kingdom) (United Kingdom)