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Over our many years in business we have become experts in hard to find imaging services.  Our services aren’t for everyone and there are many reputable companies offering services and products that we don’t. When possible, we’ll try to give you another option if we aren’t the right place for you. If we haven’t had direct dealings with these companies, we’ve at least made contact and feel comfortable listing them. If you have suggestions for this list or if you have had a specific experience with one of these companies — either good or bad — we would like to hear from you.

Photo Conservationist (physical restoration of photographs)

Photo Retouching and Restoration

Film Restoration

Film for Vintage Cameras

Others Processing Vintage Film and Hard to Find Film Services

Still (Scala)


3D services and Lenticular Printing

Custom Printing

Top End Small Format Film Transfers

Video Tape Repair

Vintage Video / Audio Conversions

Movie Film Supplies / Equipment

Photo Chemicals

Advanced Age Tests for Digital Print Media

Film History

Kodak movie film
Kodak still film

Price increases coming soon. To remain on current prices you need to print the current order form now and include it with your order. These order forms & prices will be honored if postmarked by April 30, 2020.