Why does it take so long to get my pictures or film back

Cycle turnaround time may be as short as 8 weeks and as long 12 weeks during a particularly busy cycle. 

Unlike a conventional processing lab that may have one or two large-volume processes under their roof, we have 12 small-volume processes. This creates the need to complete one process before we move onto another, mixing chemical and preparing for each before we move to the next.  It is not until all the film is developed that scanning and transferring begins. Once that step is complete, the digital work is done and then the uploading begins. Please do not wait until near the beginning of a cycle to send us your film.  This not only slows down the lengthy administration process that at the beginning of each cycle (thus, ultimately slowing down our turn-around time) but you also risk missing the cycle cutoff altogether.

Doing this well and properly at a reasonable price takes time. We encourage you to have a look at and consider others offering a similar service.