Why choose and editable computer file instead of an old fashion DVD

With MOVIE FILM, when we capture it on our scanners, a very large high quality computer video file is created. To create a DVD that will play in a home DVD player, we must compress them to a fraction of their size because the amount of data a DVD can store is very limited.

With VIDEO TAPE, the bit rate we capture at is much higher than what we are able to do to a DVD with a two hour play time. While this isn’t quite a critical as it is with movie film, it’s still a real quality issue.

To add to the issues of lower quality when converting movie films and video tapes to DVD, DVD was designed by the movie industry to be hard to copy. While not impossible, doing the DVD “rip” that is required to make the copy, further degrades the image.

The way people approach home video has evolved and more and more of our clientele now request editable computer files. They are much better than a DVD for…

  • Being a high quality master
  • Home computer editing
  • Copying and creating multiple DVDs
  • Versatility
  • File conversions for iPod, home entertainment networks and various devices
  • Remaining current with whatever the latest media is
  • For simply looking better

Even if you don’t understand the technology, it is definitely worthwhile keeping a high quality digital master for family members that do or that will. DVD is slowly becoming what VHS was in the 90s – robust computer files will remain relevant and are expandable into the future.