What the heck is an “Master Image Sequence” and why is it important?

You will notice that all our transfers come with a high definition “Master Image Sequence”. The “Master Image Sequence” is a very high quality version of your film greatly exceeding the quality of what is possible on DVD and also above and beyond most digital video file types designed for viewing or editing.  Essentially it is each and every frame of your movie preserved as a high resolution jpeg or tiff photograph — in the movie industry it is also called a “numbered image sequence”.  When DVD is as dead and gone as Betamax, you will be able to make very high quality copies from your archive copy to whatever the current media is.  It’s an insurance policy against obsolescence.

Please Note: We will require a hard drive to put your master image sequence on because the files are very large.  We will advise you on what size of drive you will need to provide.  Please make sure you send us a large enough drive!  Alternately, we can supply an appropriate new drive for you.  You do have the option of not taking the master image sequence version of your film but in good conscience, we can’t advise it.