What resolution are scans made at with your scanning service?

Unlike most other scanning services, we don’t offer a myriad of confusing scan resolutions at different prices.  We simply give you a large enough scan from whatever format of film you give us to make a high quality large blow up print of your images. This providing the orignal integrity of your image lends itself to this.  We provide large enough scans for virtually all practical purposes.  For those that would like to know what resolution we scan at please see the chart below.

Specific scan resolutions for the most common film sizes (not budget 35 mm and APS scans)

110 film                                            7200 dpi
Advanced Photo System (APS)                                            3600 dpi
126 film                                            3600 dpi
35 mm film                                            3600 dpi
127 film                                            2400 dpi
2 1/4 to 4×5 film                                            1600 dpi
Scan resolution for all film formats listed in our prices will allow for at very least a 20 inch blow up (3600 pixels) on the short dimension of the frame. A square frame can be enlarged to 20 x  20 print with no digital artifacting and a rectangular 3:2 aspect ratio picture (35mm) to a 20 by 30 print.  This is enough resolution for virtually all practical purposes.  Print scans are done at 600 dpi allowing for more than 2 times the enlargement size of the original print, although – scans from prints are not optimal for blow ups.  When possible provide the negative the print was made from as a higher quality scan is possible from the negative.