What are “traditional style snapshot prints”

These emulate the look of the past with wide borders and glossy paper. If your images are B&W, the prints have a beautiful, even gray scale uncommon with most modern printing services. 

Our B&W prints are done on special printers (Epson K3) designed to give high quality B&W images. Commonly, the printers photo finishers are using aren’t optimized for B&W printing. When a B&W white image is printed on a printer not specifically designed for B&W printing there is a color difference between the dark parts of your picture and the light.  Our printers eliminate this problem with consistent tone across the gray scale.

Size – The short dimension of your image is 4 inches. Example — images from 126 film are square so the print is 4 x 4 inches – 35mm is printed onto 4 x 6 inch paper.

We do offer 4×4, 4×5 & 4×6 prints.

If you have color images and a vintage looking print isn’t important to you,  or you prefer a borderless matte or satin print, we encourage you to simply download the images from your gallery onto your computer and then have the prints done at a local service provider or if you have a decent photo printer, do them yourself.