What are “traditional style snapshot prints”

These emulate the look of the past with wide borders and glossy paper. If your images are B&W, the prints have a beautiful, even grayscale uncommon with most modern printing services. 

Our B&W prints are done on special printers (Epson K3) designed to give high quality B&W images. Most photo finishers are printing onto light sensitive color paper. When a B&W white image is printed onto light sensitive color paper, there is a color difference between the dark parts of your picture and the light. Normally the shadows being green and the highlight magenta. Our printers eliminate this problem with consistent tone across the gray scale.

Size – The short dimension of your image is 4 inches. Example — images from 126 film are square so the print is 4 x 4 inches – 35mm is printed onto 4 x 6 inch paper.

We do offer 4×4, 4×5 & 4×6 prints.

 If you have color images and a vintage looking print isn’t important to you,  or you prefer a borderless matte print, we encourage you to simply have us make you a CD and have prints done at a local service provider.