How do you define “recognizable” or “discernible” image?

As we decide whether or not to scan a client’s film, we are doing a visual inspection of the processed negative. It is often difficult to tell what the final quality will be without scanning and Photoshopping the negative. Therefore, we’ll continue with scanning and enhancing any film that we think we can see something on. We can’t be in the position of trying to make a subjective determination as to what may or may not be important to a client. One person’s trash is another’s treasure. 

A recognizable or discernible image is any one of the following:
  • If there is a person in the photo, you can tell it’s a person…not necessarily who that person is
  • If you can identify the subject or setting/location of a photo
  • If you can identify an object/s in a photo
An image that is out of focus, double-exposed or low quality can still be recognizable or discernible.