What are my options with EM-25 process Ektachrome 160 movie films?

These films were manufactured pre-1984 and are a minimum of 25 years beyond the process before date on the original packaging. The availability of one of the chemical components required to process these films properly into color is dwindling (worldwide). In an effort to conserve our reserve of the chemical, we have had to raise the price per roll.

If you are confident that your film has been stored consistently in cool temperatures and/or color is extremely important to you, specify that you would like color processing on our order form.

If you know that your film was not stored properly or if you are unsure of the storage conditions, the black & white negative process we offer is the safer approach to salvaging something from your film. Transfer from a negative to positive (Black and White) will allow you to view it from video.

You can tell if you have EM-25 process Ektachrome film by looking at where Ektachrome is written on the film cassette. EM-25 process film is written in white in a small blue box. With EM-26 process film Ektachrome is written in blue in a small white box or on top of yellow with a blue border around it.