What can you tell me about your transfer?

  • Our 8mm, Super 8 and 9.5mm transfers are top quality and comparable with the best transfers available. Our 16mm film transfers are of good quality at a reasonable price. If a top quality 16mm transfer is required we are happy to give referrals.
  • When clients supply small reels, they are not spliced onto larger reels (which is common with most transfer providers). Each reel becomes its own chapter title or digital file. The client is encouraged to number the reels in the order they wish their film to be transferred.
  • With all options, film is cleaned before transfer. Cleaning will remove the worst of the dirt but usually some will still remain.
  • Minor damage to film is repaired without additional charge. If damage is more severe the client will be contacted and quoted as to the cost of the repair before the transfer proceeds.
  • If requested, color correction is done digitally following scanning. Color correction is frame accurate and applied when moderate to extreme color shifts occur. New corrections are not applied for minor shifts and very short scenes with any transfer option. Color correction is subjective and severely altered colors may only be able to be corrected so much.
Below are two sample frame grabs from our transfer.  Keep in mind these are coming from tiny pieces of film.

Price increases coming soon. To remain on current prices you need to print the current order form now and include it with your order. These order forms & prices will be honored if postmarked by April 30, 2020.