How should I have my film organized for transfer?

If you are requesting a DVD or a Blu-ray disc from us, the order your film is in becomes more important than if you are requesting editable computer files from us. On a DVD or Blur-ray disc, the order your film plays in is pretty much locked down to the order they are transferred in. With editable computer files you can put them into any order you like. You can do this by simply renaming the files so that your computer or smart TV plays them in the order you want or put them into a software editor, edit to your hearts content and then burn your own DVDs or Blu-ray discs. We still encourage you to number your reels in the order that you wish them transferred so you have a somewhat organized transfer.

Unlike many providers, all films are returned on their original reels and in their original boxes or cans, maintaining the integrity of your family archive.