How are your processing techniques different than a normal lab?

Expired film processing is what we do and what we know. Our processes are always evolving and being tested. We have the advantage of being the world’s largest provider of this service which also means that we have an enormous amount of experience with this work and we can observe and pay attention to how different films are reacting in different processes. So yes, our processes are very different than a “normal” lab’s.

We keep very careful records on how a specific film is responding in a specific process. None of our processes are the same as what was originally intended for the film. All have been modified and tailored to our past experience with each film type, brand and format. The original process is not at all appropriate for salvaging images from long expired film.

In order to salvage the best possible image from a film, many of these processes result in a B&W image even though it may be a color film. In our opinion it is better to get a higher quality image in B&White than a lower one in color or alternately, to get something recognizable in B&W than nothing in color.