Monthly Archives: January 2013

Cycle 13A update

All still film is processed and scanned for cycle 13A.  We are almost through the Photoshop work to the images and Helen says galleries will be going out to people Thursday and Friday alphabetically.  As to movie film,  about 30% is processed at this point and each day we get...
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Preparing for cycle 13A processing

Well…it’s really feeling now like Christmas holidays are over.  We’re back into the swing of things and preparing our processing machines to start process probably by the end of this week.  As usual, still film will be first.  The first of the customer galleries should be going out now in...
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Back for 2013!

We had a great and needed break over the Christmas holiday season but I’m also enjoying being back at work.  Ha…perhaps I speak only for myself but overall the mood seems good.  We extend our cut off for the first cycle of 2013 to January 8th.  All the best in...
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