Do I need to supply a Hard drive for my movie transfer and if so what size?

Regardless of the size of your order, if you select MOV, MP4, DNX or master image sequence, a flash drive or portable hard drive is required. We can supply a brand new drive for you (price varies) but you will likely find better pricing for the drive at a local source.

As a rule of thumb, allow 6 gigs of drive space per 50 feet of film. In most cases this will be overkill but it also means we won’t need to be calling to make other arrangements — and causing delays with your order — should a too-small of drive be provided for the requested file type and compression.


Please note:  Any used drive provided to us must be reformatted and all previous data on the drive will be eliminated.


Your order will be delayed if you decide to send a drive after we are ready to begin work.